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Sustainability Consulting

The Global Living Project (GLP) assists college and university campuses, non-profit organizations, businesses and municipalities in their quest to move toward sustainability. Has your institution committed to reduce greenhouse gases, provide increased organic food or to dramatically reduce waste? Is your institution now ready to move into a leadership position? The GLP’s Sustainability Consultant, Jim Merkel, can assist in:

  • Visioning and developing buy-in
  • Strategic planning and identifying institutional drivers to unsustainable practices
  • Conducting assessments of energy use, green house gases, ecological footprints and wastes
  • Evaluating alternative investments and return on investments
  • Training sustainability coordinators
  • Developing plans for carbon neutrality, energy reduction, zero waste, cradle to cradle systems, organic farms, sustainable dining or procurement and green buildings
  • Developing or assisting with sustainability courses, outdoor education, field courses, internship programs or student initiatives

Our overall goal will be to assist you in developing the internal capacity to move your institution toward social and ecological sustainability. Jim Merkel offers the following experiences and skills that strengthen his consulting and teaching:

  • Cradle to cradle system analysis, establishing base-line data and tracking costs and impacts
  • Deep knowledge of sustainability, simplicity and whole systems design
  • Creative problem solving that enhances quality while reducing flows of money and nature
  • Ethical, fair relationship builder
  • Respected motivational leader willing to walk his talk and able to communicate across disciplines, politics, race and class