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The Global Living Project (GLP) was founded in 1996 as a proactive response to poverty, war, climate change and ecological destruction. The intention was to learn from and create inspiring examples of wholesome, sustainable lifestyles.

Originally we were seeking to answer the questions:

Maintaining Solar Panel at GLP

Is it possible to live equitably and harmoniously within the means of nature?

If so, what would this lifestyle look and feel like in North America?

After five summer institutes where teams of researchers quantified their ecological footprints, we are able to report that yes, it is possible to live with an impact level between that of a person from India and China, or three acres. Further, researchers reported a higher quality of life than their "normal" life at a much higher footprint. Our next research questions were:

What will it take for North Americans to begin the transition toward smaller footprint lifestyles?

And even more important, how can individuals create fun, wholesome and artful examples?

What we have discovered so far, is that sustainable lives must be nurturing, thrilling and fun. And, examples are more inspiring than theory or theology. Put plainly, most would rather see a sermon than hear one.