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Cycling For a Sustainable Future

On April 9, 2009, Jim Merkel, Ross Scatchard, Tyler Durham and Susan Cutting cycled from The Upper Valley Food Coop in White River Junction after a kick-off celebration. Hauling well-packed trailers, the Team spent the next 18 days cycling 350 miles through Vermont and New York State stopping in 15 towns and 8 campuses to present 23 times about climate change, and the human capacity to change our lifestyles and restore the planetís ecological integrity. The tour culminated at the North Country Sustainable Energy Fair, April 24-26, in Canton, NY.

Check out the tour blog, tour route, or Press Packet.

We traveled 350 miles, because we believe that humanity can bring down our carbon dioxide emissions to what leading scientists urge us is the safe upper limit for our atmosphere: 350 parts-per-million. Along the way, we offered presentations on Radical Simplicity and climate change, and documented Transition Town initiatives in communities.

The team wishes to extend their deep gratitude to the many generous sponsors and local organizers who ensured this events success. In many tangible ways the team was literally housed, fed and clothed as they networked the landscape. Download a full tour report.

Cycle Tour

Cycling for a Sustainable Future tours have covered over 17,000 miles delivering hundreds of workshops to dozens of campuses, environmental groups and conferences. One tour might cover 1,500 miles and present 30 workshops to diverse audiences. While on tour, we share our experiments in sustainable living, and promote our upcoming events but also seek to learn from those we encounter along the way. We often return home with increased understanding, new information and inspiration, and strong legs.